The Customer

The company was founded by Flouris Giorgos in 1980 under the name Flouris Giorgos SA, and is active in car rental in Crete. After a period of impressive growth, the company soon became a leader in the field of car rental in Crete. Company’s goal is for the traveler to have all the options available for his trip and to be completely satisfied with our fleet and the service, whether he travels with his family, or with a partner, alone or even with a group.


The Challenge

We designed the new website based on the company’s goals. We have integrated a booking system with the possibility of Online booking and payment directly to the owner’s bank. We have integrated a system to record the damage and whenever the car has to be serviced. We also created a CRM system so that the customer can send offers and newsletters to his customers without restrictions.

Web Design
Responsive Design
Booking Engine
On-page SEO