Google Ads campaigns

Advertising campaigns in Google Ads with excellent results.
We undertake Google Ads campaign optimization and monitoring to increase sales at the lowest cost per click (CPC).

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Promotion of websites using Google Ads

Google Ads is a tool for targeted advertising in Google's search results.

Google Ads allows you to create text ads that you set to appear for specific keywords whenever a user searches the internet for information related to those keywords.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google AdWords (PPC) campaigns

Take advantage of Google Ads to promote your business

Google Ads: Attract more customers

Immediately attract new visitors to your website and increase conversions.

Google Ads or Adwords is a targeted advertising platform from Google, which allows you to appear in the search results for the keywords you want. Display your business online and increase traffic instantly and economically.

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Google Ads: High Quality Targeted Traffic

We get targeted traffic to your website that pays off.

The point is not to have an increase in traffic through Google Ads, but that this traffic has an effect and brings profits for you. Users who click on your ad will find exactly what they are looking for on your website.

Google Ads: Pay for clicks, not impressions

Get straight to the top of Google search results.

In Google Ads you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and not for the frequency of its appearance. The cost of ads is affordable even for a small business, while the results are visible and immediate.

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Googel Ads

Great performance of Google Ads ads

The specialized and experienced marketing staff is ready to advise you and help you effectively in the creation and optimization of your campaign, in the right choice of keywords, the choice of the right budget, the connection of the campaign with the conversion code and the frequently updating you on the progress of your campaign.

Reach customers through Google Ads globally

Target customers outside your geographic boundaries. Advertise your business, services or products globally. Google Ads offers full customization and flexibility to suit your needs perfectly.

Want to boost your business?

We will be happy to discuss your goals and help you achieve them.

Frequently asked questions about Google Ads

There are many reasons to use Google Ads (formerly Adwords). Some of them are:

1. Targeted advertising on specific keywords that you choose.
2. The cost is significantly lower than traditional advertising, while the advertising performance is impressive.
3. You have complete statistics and absolute control over your campaigns, with the help of the excellent tools of Google Ads.
4. Achieve a significant increase in traffic to your website immediately.
5. You set the budget and have complete control over when your ads start and stop.
6. Target locally and globally. There is no limitation.

Google Ads works like this:

  • You find the keywords that exactly describe your subject after research and analysis using the Keyword Planner.
  • You enter in Google Ads the words or phrases you found in the first step.
  • You set the CPC (Cost Per Click) you wish to spend for each click on your ad.
  • You create your text ads and activate the campaign.


Impression, is the appearance of your ad on the Google search network, every time a user performs a search with the keyword you have defined for your ad.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks on your ad to the number of impressions.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is the cost per click you are charged when a user clicks on your ad. This cost is defined by you.

CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)

CPM is the cost of an advertisement per 1000 impressions in the search results, regardless of the clicks on the advertisement.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action on your website, such as purchasing a product, filling out the contact form, etc.

Quality Score

The quality score refers to the quality of your ads in combination with the keywords you have used and the landing page you direct the user to. The higher this percentage is (1-10 scale), the more likely your ad will rank higher.

When you advertise with Google Ads, your ads can appear in different places on the web, depending on how you target your ads, the people you choose to show them to, and the types of ads you create.

Google Ads ad placements may appear in the following locations:

Ads can appear above, below or to the side of search results on Google Search. They can appear next to, above, or below search results in Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.
Ads may appear with search results on Google search partner sites.
On the Google Display Network. It is a set of web pages on which advertisements are displayed. These include specific Google sites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube. The network also includes websites and mobile apps.
Ads can be displayed on different devices (mobiles, tablets, Iphone)
In select locations and languages

Anyone can start a Google Ads campaign. It certainly takes time to understand the philosophy of the platform, how it works and what you can do with the tools it offers, but you will manage to set up a campaign.

But, a professional approach can benefit your campaign much more and have a much better performance at a lower cost per click. A bad campaign setup will result in wasted time, effort and money.

Ask us to review your ads for you or let us create an efficient and targeted campaign that pays off. And not with words but with evidence.