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Promote websites to the first page of Google’s organic results.
Having a website is certainly important, but what good is it if someone can’t easily find or search for it?

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Website promotion with the latest SEO techniques

Website promotion, or SEO, are techniques applied to your website to rank it on the first page of Google's organic results.

Users won’t type in your website address, but will instead look to find it, if it exists, from Google’s organic results.

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What is SEO Website Promotion?

Website Promotion or SEO

are the practices applied to a website, always in accordance with Google’s guidelines, in order to achieve a significant and qualitative increase in website traffic from a targeted audience, through organic results.

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Do I need SEO

Why do I need website promotion?

You don't just need it… it's necessary!

Website Promotion is vital to the success and growth of your online business. Thousands of businesses compete for a spot on the front page. Why shouldn’t your website be among them?

How much time is required for SEO?

There is no time frame or limitation for website promotion.

It requires patience, strategy, proper use of keywords, original content and studying the competition. Usually, according to google, it takes 6-12 months for the first spectacular results.

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marketup is a website promotion and website building company with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the latest Google practices.

We increase your website traffic significantly, while at the same time offering your business the attention and position it deserves in Google’s organic results.
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Website promotion (SEO) on the first page of Google.

Website optimization with White Hat SEO techniques that strictly follow Google’s compliance rules, so that your website is completely search engine friendly and climbs to the first page of organic results.

On Page SEO

On Page Seo is the process of optimizing each page individually so that it can come up high in search results. On Page Seo has a direct relationship with the titles, descriptions, links, keywords, loading speed and above all with the content of the website.

Off Page SEO

Off Page Seo refers to the techniques that take place outside of your website to convince search engines that your site is safe, reliable and useful. An example is building backlinks to your website naturally which act as a vote of confidence

Technical SEO

Technical Seo is the optimization of your website on a technical level. From H1 - H6 titles, meta titles - descriptions to any errors your website may have. Your website is checked with tools like screaming frog and others.

Want to boost your business?

We will be happy to discuss your goals and help you achieve them.

Frequently asked questions about SEO

The cost of promoting a website is logically your primary concern. We will be honest with you. There is no specific price or price list and that is perfectly reasonable. Every business has different goals, needs and priorities. In short, the price of an SEO Project depends on:

the current position of your website, in the organic results (SERP’s)
the difficulty of the keywords you are interested in
the geographical area you are referring to
your competition.

Don’t trust ready-made SEO packages that seem cheap. The damage your website can suffer from wrong practices can be irreversible. For example, a penalty from Google can be equivalent to the complete disappearance of your website from the organic results.

Contact us for a free update and review of your website.

There are many questions about SEO but few are as difficult as this question, how long does it take to promote a website.

This is because in addition to the fact that there are many variables that play an important role in optimizing a website, we should also assess the same variables in your competitors’ optimization efforts.

The short answer here is “It depends”.

According to Google, the time required to promote a website on the 1st page of Google ranges from 6-12 months. This time depends on many parameters that must be taken into account, both on your website and on your competition. The main factors that determine the time are the following:

Your competition and the difficulty of the keywords you are interested in
Links to your website from other reliable websites with similar content to yours (Backlinks)
Your Domain Authority and its age
The quality of your website content

Generally website promotion takes several months, maybe even time to see significant improvement in organic results. In fact, Google itself reports that only 5.7% of new websites manage to climb to the 1st page within a year.


No one can accurately predict when you will appear on the first page of Google. However, with proper research, analysis and time you can get a much better idea of ​​how long it will take.

This is the truth without big words and promises.

Website promotion is a process that requires constant engagement and control. By using White Hat SEO techniques, faithfully following the guidelines of the search engines and with continuous updates, checks and measurements, your website will not only rise to the 1st page, but also stay there.

Don’t forget that your competition is also trying to get out or stay on the front page. Unfortunately, there are only ten (10) results on the first page of Google, so the competition for one of these positions is strong and has ups and downs.

That doesn’t mean you’ll pay a fortune. In no case! SEO from the moment it starts to pay off, will significantly increase your profits, so you will have a sure return on costs due to an increase in clientele, sales and traffic.

Simply put… SEO pays for itself and more. It’s an investment that always pays off. We help you grow your business online with security, reliability and stability.

In Marketup we don’t say words, we do actions. By using the tools that Google itself offers, you can have a complete picture of the progress of your website from the first day of starting promotion work.

Using Google Search Console and the Google Analytics platform, you will have access to detailed and detailed reports on the progress, traffic, conversions and anything else you can think of about the SEO work being done on your website.

Every month you will receive from us, via e-mail, detailed reports with information such as the ranking of your website for the keywords you are interested in, the organic traffic, the number of backlinks to your page, the *conversion rate, the * click-through rate, the time spent on the website (time on page) etc.

* The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who perform a desired action on your website, e.g. an online purchase.

** The click-through rate is the percentage that shows how many of the users click on your page through the organic results in relation to the number of impressions.