Website design services

Website design services that increase your income.
A professional website with the right design has many benefits for any type of business. In the days of the digital world it is very important to invest in a professional website.

Invest in the success of your website

When you invest in professional web design services, you will get a website that is:

  • Customized
  • Responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Professional style

You can also include additional features as part of your professional website design. For example, you can ask our developers to integrate a database into your design, enable e-commerce, and more.

web design service

Website design is important

In today’s digital world, your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business.

That’s why almost 95 percent of a user’s first impression is related to web design. Also, web design services can have a huge impact on your company.

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Web Design FAQs

Website design is no different than designing a store in the real world.

You would find an architect to explain how you envision your store, how much money you plan to spend, what your brand stands for, who your customers are.

The architect, armed with creativity but also keeping in mind the smooth operation of the business, will make and show you an original design of your shop. This design includes indoor and outdoor spaces, from your customer service area, meeting room and offices to the parking lot.

In the same way, a web designer will be inspired to create the layout of a functional website with its basic elements such as

  • Your home page, your storefront,
  • The Product / Service pages, the shelves of your store
  • The About Us page, your information hub
  • The Contact Us page, your contact desk
  • The Eshop payment interface, your checkout
  • and any other page you may need depending on your business.

Web designers have the primary role of creating a design that incorporates the best possible user experience by creating a welcoming user interface.

In other words, the web designer is responsible for how a website looks and feels. However, to turn the idea from a design into a functional website requires a deep knowledge of code in many programming languages from HTML, CSS and JavaScript to more advanced ones like PHP. And that’s a developer’s job.

I originally likened the web designer to an architect and I had a very good reason for that. You see, the architect is essentially an artist, best suited to create the most amazing designs that will mesmerize the public. But nothing will last if a civil engineer does not undertake the construction, since he knows statically and whether what the architect finally designed is really feasible.

Now back to our main story, usually the web designer will design the website using software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Framer or Sketch. He will present what he did to the client and after they reach the desired result, the web developer will take over.

There are extremely talented individuals who are equally good at both pieces, but we usually deal with teams working together and building a website from scratch.

At the end of the day, you don’t care if one or ten people handle the creation of your website. You will pay to get the best possible result.

The general rule is that we cannot have things of value unless we are willing to pay a price. I’m not saying it’s bad to look for a low cost web design deal, but if you choose a company or person that promises a functional website for 250 euros, then good luck with that.

I think that so far I have described in as much detail as possible the process of design and construction, and now it is time to find out what distinguishes the amateur from the professional.

No matter how good the website looks, it’s not going to excite any search engine without SEO (search engine optimization). It is not just the keywords, but countless technical and practical details that will determine whether the website will appear on their first pages. Of course, Google is in charge and without meeting their standards, the page is out of luck.

There are over two hundred parameters according to which Google ranks websites, but one of the most important signals that a website deserves top positions is the average time a user stays on a page and how much they interact with it.

SEO is a huge asset that cannot be overlooked and it is a criminal offense not to include it in the first steps of designing a website.

We’ve said a lot, but let’s look at a real-world example of proper website design and what it means for business.

I don’t know if you have visited Greece, but it is not by chance that it is considered one of the most beautiful summer vacation destinations. And if one part of it has earned the most appearances it is Crete, the land of Minoan.

When Malena Hotel approached us, the first meeting took place on their premises and we were more or less open. Personally, it was one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen and our stay there was enough to convince us of the quality of its services.

But there was one very important problem. They had almost no online presence and were completely dependent on travel agencies, while spending huge amounts on advertising.